Alabaster Palace of the Dao – Map Layout Sketch

Chapter 1 of the Genie Palace Heist

When preparing an adventure map in 4th edition, typically I would use Photoshop to create realistic top-down maps that scaled to 1″ = 1 square.  This map would be presented to the players on our digital gaming table as our combat grid.  Since combat in 4th edition is grid-based, this saved time setting up encounters.

In the spirit of 5th edition, I’ve stepped back from digital tools for mapping and taken up ye old pen and paper approach.  Here is a rough sketch of the Alabaster Palace of the Dao map.  Each square is a room or location, to be detailed later, and its relationship to other locations.

Alabaster Palace of the Dao map (rough layout sketch)

A rough layout map of the Alabaster Palace of the Dao.

This approach frees up a lot of time for me to write interesting room descriptions which lend themselves to the Theater of the Mind playstyle encouraged in 5th edition.