Alabaster Palace of the Dao – Rooms 14 and 15

Chapter One of the Genie Palace Heist

The Alabaster Palace of the Dao, Rooms 14-15.

The Alabaster Palace of the Dao, Rooms 14-15.

14. Treasure Vault Entrance.

Before the door itself is a large secret door: the relief sculpture. 

The wall is a relief sculpture of a dao riding a dragon, beset by enemies and triumphing over them. If the eye of the dragon and the horn of the dragon are pressed, the wall will slide open. Both the eye and the horn are too far apart for one person to reach, and both are 10 feet above the floor. Those who cannot shape or pass through stone must break through the six inch thick wall. A dao hammer would be useful for this purpose.

Beyond the wall are stairs ascending to a landing with an iron door.

  The vault door is locked (DC 25 to unlock) and trapped (DC 20 to spot, DC 25 to disable). Azarakhsh and Zarrin both have keys. Attempting to open the lock without a key will fill the passage with petrification gas (DC 14 Constitution saving throw, as gorgon breath). Any loud activities from beyond the will be noticed by its current occupants, who will ready defenses.

15. Treasure Vault. 

Beyond the great doors is a cavernous hollow, and rising up within the hollow is a high plateau of stone, a mountain within the mountain. From the top of this inner mountain shines a brilliant amber radiance. Its faintest rays reach the base of the mountain, illuminating the lower steps of a cyclopean stair spiraling up to the summit.

In the center of the vault, surrounded by a pile of glittering coins and jewels, is a pedestal, upon which rests a glowing topaz as large as a human skull. Curled atop the hoard of treasure is a dragon, its scales burnished copper.

The top of the inner mountain is flattened into a roughly circular plateau, 140 feet in diameter.

The treasure vault is warded against scrying and teleportation. It is the lair of a copper dragon, whom Azarakhsh has befriended. If Azarakhsh is in this room and is aware of intruders, depending on the amount of time he has, he will likely summon an earth elemental, and go invisible. If they are not aware of intruders, they will likely be engrossed in a game of chess.

 Dao (Azarakhsh) (vault key, entrance key), copper dragon (Ythilynda, replace breath weapons with petrification breath). 18700 xp (hard).

Treasure: Topaz (quest item); 28,536 cp; 45,548 sp; 5,140 gp; 226 pp; 225 copper ingots (50 cp each); 150 silver ingots (50 sp each); 43 gold ingots (50 gp each); pair of carved bone bracelet set with a sapphire worth 2500 gp each, jade and onyx chess board and pieces worth 2500 gp, fine gold chain set with a fire opal worth 2500 gp, exotic wood harp with decorative inlay worth 750 gp, pair of large onyx bracelets worth 250 gp each, wand of wonder, magic +2 warhammer made in an ancient human kingdom, rope of entanglement, ring of protection, unbreakable magic +2 longbow with draconic heritage.