New Homebrew Feat: Dual Implement Wielder

two of wands

two of wands

I’m considering the following homebrew feat for a high-magic D&D 5th edition campaign.

Dual Implement Wielder

You master wielding two implements at once, gaining the following benefits:

  • You can use an action to attune to a magical implement.
  • You can draw or stow two implements when you would normally be able to draw or stow only one.
  • When you wield an implement in each hand, and you activate the power of one of the implements with an action, you can activate the power of the other implement as a bonus action instead of an action.

This feat proved to be waaay too strong, so I have replaced it with the following:

Wand Mastery

You are practised with magic wands, switching between them with ease, and gaining the most out of their use.

  • You can use an action to attune to a wand.
  • When a wand you are attuned to recharges, it regains the maximum number of charges.
  • When you use the last charge of a wand, it is never destroyed.

I may return to the concept of dual wielding wands someday, but only with the addition perhaps of cantrip wands.